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Dynamic Training System

One of Spectra’s points of difference is its Dynamic Training System (DTS), which integrates group based workshop training delivery that is supported with one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

This system ensures practical application of learning in your workplace so staff enjoy training and can apply skills and knowledge.

Spectra’s DTS methodology supports the learning needs of all staff, at all levels and has achieved consistently high quality training outcomes with major clients and excellent program completion rates.

From Dynamic Training to Dynamic Organisation 

  • By cross-skilling your teams they are able to operate more efficiently

  • Continuous improvement programs begin to deliver ongoing and sustainable improvements and create a positive momentum for innovative change

  • Technical staff save time by applying the latest innovations in their particular area of expertise

  • Your office staff work more productively, because they’ve learned some new technique in training that helps them to save 20-30 minutes per day

  • Your teams start working more effectively together because the team leader and key staff have attended a workshop on ‘Team Building and Motivation’, where they learned practical skills that they have been able to apply in the workplace

  • Absenteeism starts to fall because the line manager has learned new ways of engaging with staff and now manages a department where there is less internal stress and conflict

  • Talented staff don’t leave the organisation, but choose to stay because of the perceived value of the training and professional development opportunities that they are now obtaining

  • Sales increase steadily, month after month, because the sales team has learned new skills in prospecting, building pipelines, and closing

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