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Jeanine Brown, Project Manager - Administration

Spectra’s training materials, training delivery, reporting and account management are of a very high standard and we have received excellent feedback from both the participants and their managers.

Learning & Organisational Development Manager, Large Multinational Supply Chain Company

The professional, energetic, passionate approach that Spectra’s Instructional Designers have delivered for us has made this experience an experience like no other. Not once in my ten year career have I felt a Registered Training Organisation deliver such service.

Training & Special Manager

Large Australian Freight Company

Spectra professionally managed the idiosyncrasies that challenged the program and made it a success. Spectra is a training organisation that I would recommend be considered when a specialised and tailored approach to training is required.


Donna Kretschmer

Operations Manager

Capreal Limited

That was the most engaging session we have had to date. Spectra’s trainers were passionate about the content delivered.

Human Resources Manager

Performance and Training

High End Australian Department Store

Spectra Training have demonstrated their professionalism through their high quality trainers, training resources and continued commitment to making improvements to the program to enable business success.

Operations Manager

Large Australian Packaging Manufacturer

We have a very dynamic manufacturing process that is constantly being challenged by unpredictable work-loads based on consumer behaviours. Spectra Training’s flexibility to work around our demands has made the whole process as seamless as possible to complete all off the job training.

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